About Malkier

The name “Malkier” was created by Robert Jordan in his book series entitled “The Wheel of Time.” In the literature, Malkier was a country that fell to the Bad Guys. A lot of people from #malkier have read this series, so we named it that. We actually have very little, if anything at all to do with this literature.

Our Malkier is much different. For the most part, Malkier is a group of people who have been friends for a long time, and been through interesting experiences together. We’ve often lost each other for months and even years only to eventually pop up, usually in #malkier. We used IRC as a meeting place for many years, but most of us also know each other through email, IM, telephone, and even real life. However, for the most part, we know each other only as text.

A Brief History

Sometime in late 1999, the friends that now make up #malkier began to form a group. I, rakaur, was introduced to Scorpwanna and joft on IRC, and we formed a channel called #TwiNET. Guyver joined up shortly after. I went offline for a while, and #TwiNET died.

Meanwhile, rintaun and tanka formed a channel called #ProjectXero. When I came back on IRC, he reformed the members of #TwiNET into a channel named #Aiur (the Protoss homeworld in StarCraft). I met up with madragoran around this time, and we all started going to #AesSedai (another name from “The Wheel of Time,” referring to an elite group of mystics). joft’s channel was still around, and we decided to merge them and call it #malkier. I met up with rintaun and we merged #ProjectXero into #malkier.

We left that server eventually, and went to another. After a while we started our own IRC network, with the help of naki. It lasted a few years but never really accomplished anything. Leaving the first server, even though it later self-destructed, proved to be the killing blow. Many of the members left, and even fewer survive now. The ones that have stayed with us through the IRC network ordeal are pretty much never around anyway.

We’ve gone from being an IRC channel, to a server, to a network, back to a channel, and now onto more.

We have a more detailed history on this site.